November 2020 // The Business Edition

I did this because I have seen some really great cameras and camera gear being used by real estate agents. The good agents make a pretty good living. In fact, they can probably buy and sell me a hundred times over. But they do not have my Photoshop skills. So even to this day, I highly protect how I do what I do in Photoshop. And I for sure never tell a real estate agent what I do. I also found that real estate agents love facts and figures. So, with a tiny bit of research, you can find the success rate of professional photography in your area. In my area, I found that listings sold 50% faster. Also, listings sold 39% closer to listing price. And finally, professional photography generated 118% more online views. Thus, professional photography is the “new curb appeal.” With more and more people shopping online, including real estate, having beautiful images to show them is a must. It just makes perfect sense. So, it was not a hard sell, and more and more agents started booking me for their listings. When you do professional real estate photography, you must pay careful attention to the minor details. Make sure you are not just giving an image that they can do themselves. Make sure the image on the TV in the room is bright, that you can see through the windows, and everything is perfectly color matched.



Exposure: f8 @ 3.2 ISO 100 Lens: EF14mm f2.8L II USM

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