November 2020 // The Business Edition

Subsequently, we went on a search for the perfect albums to match our brand. While we still offer a more basic album, we offer upgraded albums like the Stitched Leather Album from H&H Color Lab. Our clients love the idea that they get to have a photo cover with their choice of leather. And always wanting to have three levels of quality, we added a high end option featuring the Salvatore Albums from H&H Color Lab with custom designed album box options. These are high quality products that match our quality brand. 4. Do we love the product? Yes, it is true that you will sell what you show, but it is also true that it is much easier to sell what you love. Do you believe in the product and would you like to see it in your home preserving the memories of your family? In my home, I have several different types of products and each works well in the space while matching the imagery. From Richmond ProLab, I have canvas gallery wraps in my more casual spaces and framed Protexture portraits in the more formal entry area of my home. I also have 3XM Memory Preservation Boxes archiving our Christmas portraits. My most recent art piece for my home is a black and white portrait of my daughters in a Classic Modern Framed Torn Edge from H&H Color Lab. It hangs in our formal dining room and it is gorgeous. (No bias of course with the subject matter.) I can discuss my family’s portraits with clients and that brings a sense of comfort. Our clients feel reassured in their purchase, knowing that I have chosen these products for my family’s memories.

5. Does this product fulfill a missing piece in our product line? As I mentioned before, we reevaluated everything back in January. I felt something was missing from our product line but didn’t know what exactly. I wanted something unique and different to highlight images that would not flow well with casual images from a session. For example, most of our clients purchase a cluster grouping either in canvas gallery wraps from Richmond ProLab or acrylic portraits from Acrylic Press. With a cluster or grouping of images you want them to flow together nicely. Meaning, you would not want to put a studio sports image in with all outdoor images. Likewise, you would not want to put a more formal image with all casual portraits. Many of our clients will include a prom or homecoming dress and we did not have a product to match that imagery until we found the newly released torn edge series from H&H Color Lab. The hand torn watercolor portraits are unique and it is not something most clients have seen before. They fulfilled a missing piece in our product line, an opportunity for higher sales, and our clients are happier! Win! Win! Win!

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