November 2020 // The Business Edition

Reevaluate, Restructure and Reap the Benefits | Jessica Robertson


Why do photographers fail? While there are many reasons, I believe that a large majority fail because of their business practices and not because of their photography. I also believe that many photographers fail because they don’t know what to sell and they have not selected products that highlight their imagery.

When reevaluating our products and looking at adding products, I asked the following five questions:

1. Does this product match our imagery? Over 75% of our clients are athletes or have a significant hobby. And for years I would spend a great deal of time creating images to reflect their interests. However, we did not have a product to highlight that imagery, so they would end up just picking one or two images and preserve them as 5x7s or 8x10s. So much loss of sales for so many years! Now we have a 10x30 composite that utilizes five to seven images. We predesign this product and the majority of our clients add this product to their order.

2. Does it work in a typical client’s home? For years, we had a metal print hanging up in our studio. We never sold one. Why? As we are located in the south, most of our clients are more traditional and it didn’t match their homes. From H&H Color Lab, we now offer the metal blocks. The custom silk underneath gives depth and added dimension. With the added weight of the product, from the silk block backing, comes a greater perceived value and uniqueness. We are now selling this as one of our three options for art pieces. 3. Does the quality match our brand? I felt overwhelmed with all the options out there for albums. For over a decade, we offered very generic albums. We didn’t sell very many because we sold wall portraits or groupings. My mindset needed to change. I should not be selling either a wall grouping or an album, but rather I should be selling both because they fulfill different needs. A wall grouping is great for parents, but the album is a keepsake for the senior.

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