November 2020 // The Business Edition


We often ask ourselves, “How would I want to be treated?” If I were a client looking into our services, what would result in a great experience with awesome images? I would want to feel beautiful/handsome. I would want my images to reflect my uniqueness. I would want to have help with positioning my body in a flattering way. I would want to have a clear understanding of the process and pricing. I would want to have positive and happy memories of the day so that when I look at the images, I smile! Our process takes all of this into consideration and with these guidelines we have much happier clients. One of my biggest concerns with the traditional in person sales method is that clients feel pressured, rushed through critical decisions, and many end up with buyer’s remorse. I want my clients to invest thousands of dollars with us and feel secure in their purchase. I do believe the traditional in person sales process of only showing images to the client at the ordering session can work if you have a small number of images such as mini sessions, but I don’t believe it is a universally effective process. For example, our senior sessions can have hundreds of images with 10 or more outfits. It would overwhelm most people to make decisions on that volume of images. So, with our modified in person sales process, our clients view their images online one week after their session through N-Vu with a username and password. The following week, they return to the studio for the ordering session. Our goal is that our clients never feel pressured. When they come in for their ordering session, we are there to help make decisions about how to use their favorite images best in the products we offer. Our clients feel relieved that we have a no pressure sales process and I think that this is a significant factor in clients referring us, returning to us, and investing in our portraiture confidently.

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