November 2020 // The Business Edition

Reevaluate, Restructure and Reap the Benefits | Jessica Robertson

After 19 years of being a professional photographer, in January I stepped back and asked my team three questions. Are we serving our clients to the best of our ability? Are we maximizing sales? Do we have products that match our imagery? After some honest evaluation, the answers were no, not completely. We could serve our clients better. We were not fully maximizing our sales. And the products we offer could be expanded without complicating the process.

Here are 10 ways that we solidified and reevaluated our process, pricing and products.


Every single connection is critical to the success of our business. When the phone rings or an email comes in, we want that client to feel as if they are our only client and the most important person. We want to hear about their child or their family and show a genuine interest in being their portrait photographer for life. It is critical that we start the flow of excitement from the very first connection we make with them. While we do have a process in place for things that should be covered in the initial interaction, we want an organic and authentic conversation to take place. We want to become people that they know, like and trust. We also improved our client experience by expressing our gratitude. We thank them for thinking of us for their portrait needs throughout the process. We express gratitude for referrals and for being a returning client. Clients appreciate the fact that we do not take them for granted and we are thankful they have chosen us for their portrait needs.

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