November 2020 // The Business Edition

THE COVER TITLE: red nectar PHOTOGRAPHER: jai mayhew CAMERA: canon 5d mark iv LENS: 50mm 1.2 EXPOSURE: f/5.6 @ 1/125 iso 100 WEBSITE: LIGHTING: the main light is a gridded beauty dish aimed at the model’s face with a cool gel over the strobe. a second beauty dish is below the main to fill the shadows. two strobes with reflector dishes are behind the model and aimed towards the red background with red gels on them to further saturate the scene.

MODEL: marylyn phan HMUA: jennifer lee

ABOUT THE IMAGE: I was inspired by the color red for this editorial and relied heavily on the use of gels during this shoot. To create a visually interesting image, I gathered every red item I could find but also painted quite a few objects to create a unique and visually interesting portrait. As reds frequently desaturate under the flash of a strobe, I used gels to not only saturate the scene but to also add a pop of cooler tones to an otherwise vibrantly warm image.

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