November 2020 // The Business Edition

Making the Switch from Shoot and Burn to IPS | Andre Brown


• Remember you don’t have to completely flip the switch and go head first into IPS. I share your fear, so I sympathize with you. But make the switch. In order to make more you have to be able to sell more. Would you rather shoot more to make more or shoot less and make more? If you are a portrait photographer doing family and senior photos but fear losing your client base, maybe start out with just doing family sessions as IPS and keeping seniors as a shoot and burn until you are more confident or vice versa. • As you are making your packages remember that most of our industry leaders teach us to stay at 10% cost of goods. But when you are starting out, I think it’s ok to go 15%, maybe a little more to get your feet wet and gradually increase over time. Also take advantage of bulk purchase deals to increase your margins. Whatever your definition of success, let’s pledge to work smarter not harder by implementing IPS into our businesses. If you need help, reach out to the amazing Shutter community. They are incredibly supportive and can point you in the right direction..

Andre Brown is an award-winning wedding photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. As a former music manager, his passion for creative processes transformed into his love for photography. He is now the lead photographer of Andre Brown Photography, a boutique photography studio specializing in wedding and portrait photography and wedding videography. His work has been featured in several notable publications and has won awards from prestigious organizations including WPPI. Andre is also a brand ambassador for Light and Motion. website: instagram: @andrebrownphoto

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