November 2020 // The Business Edition


Take the fresh content you’ve created to social media and post, post, post. Use relevant and strategic hashtags to target your ideal client. Facebook and IG ads have proven to be the most effective for me in the past and presently. Be sure you have your Facebook Pixel installed on your website to assist in effectively targeting and retargeting to your ideal client. These are merely the CliffsNotes on marketing ideas. Keep in mind that even if done to perfection, you’ll need to have a strong portfolio to get the phone ringing and you’ll still need to close the deal in the sales room. Sign up for Level Up with Sal for some game changing strategies as well as a community of photographers who are all on their journey to becoming giants as well. I’ve been a member from the very beginning. The webinars on their own are effective but they’ll also get the gears turning on fresh ideas of your own. Since the beginning of the pandemic, I’ve doubled the number of portrait sessions that I had for the entire year in 2019. With the implementation of IPS, I’ve increased my sales average per session. Still not rich, still not a guru, but I’m setting myself up for better earnings from here on out and so can you. Remember, if you aren’t currently doing IPS, it can be a process but don’t be discouraged. Make the switch.

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