November 2020 // The Business Edition

Making the Switch from Shoot and Burn to IPS | Andre Brown


To create an effective in-person sales experience, you’ll have to order sample products. You have to show what you want to sell, right? However, the biggest mistake you can make is to order one of everything on the market. Keep in mind that not everything out there is in line with your brand identity. For instance, you’d probably never see anything linen in my business. Those who are familiar with my work would never expect to see that. My clients wouldn’t identify with it and I’d never sell it. You don’t have to break the bank right out of the gate. Select quality products for your packages that your clients can appreciate. But save that 30 x 40 acrylic for after you’ve nailed your first two or three IPS sessions. That’s what I did.


The easiest customer you can get is one that you’ve already sold to. They know you, like you, trust you and most likely are willing to support you. I reached out to past clients that spent “X” number of dollars and used them as my IPS test subjects. I extended an offer of a free new service with the caveat that they would have to purchase any products they wanted after the session, no minimum order. Yes, this could have been counterproductive because the customer was already used to paying less and getting all of the files, but if that is the case for you, just move on to the next client. Someone will bite. The goal was to offer clients a service that they weren’t already getting from me. For instance, if it were one of my wedding clients, I’d offer a headshot session considering their profession or a maternity session if they were welcoming a new addition to the family. A new service, with a new way of billing, and it worked 8 of 10 times. The idea is to start off with people you are comfortable with. Any mistakes you’d make would be far more forgiving than with an entirely new client. You can get your pitch down and gain confidence without being as nervous as you would be with a stranger. Not to mention you will have tons of fresh content to use to market your new services to new clients without cheapening your brand with “FREE, FREE, FREE” plastered all over your social media outlets. Set yourself up for small victories. They can have a big impact on your confidence as you move forward in any endeavor.

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