November 2020 // The Business Edition

Top 5 Tips For Outsourcing Your Edits | Dustin Lucas


This is pretty straightforward when it comes to all aspects of life, but especially when it comes to working with a new partner. Transparency and expectations go a long way, however it helps when you are open to new suggestions, teachable and flexible with the new processes. Again, you have to remember your team is not going to do everything exactly how you would. Their job is to get within an expected range of your editing style and deliver within their promised turn time. Understanding this and not focusing on the minutia is such a huge part of letting go of your edits. You can’t do all the work yourself and certainly can’t expect anyone to just do everything as you would. To that point, you may have hired someone and were constantly let down or they weren’t dependable. Focus on the more important things like putting a post-production system in place and let go. Of course, I am not advocating you are losing control while outsourcing. Quite the opposite actually. Now you can direct a team and manage them to your needs. Removing yourself from the production process allows you to do this and manage your brand’s integrity more effectively. This becomes scalable for your business while before you were hitting a ceiling with the number of gigs you booked in a year.


Now that you are equipped with these tips, what’s stopping you from outsourcing now? If you want your business to thrive or just stay above water you have to put systems in place to focus your time on the more important things. Your business needs you to work on it and stop just working in it. Nothing stands in your way to growth and continuing to offer great customer service. Go and find an editing partner who is equally transparent in communication, listens to your needs and sells you a total solution, not just a single service product.

Dustin Lucas is a full-time photographer and educator focused on the wedding industry and the academic world. After achieving his Master of Fine Arts degree, a career opportunity opened once he began working with Evolve Edits. Through teaching photography classes and writing about photography, Dustin continues to expand his influence on art and business throughout the industry. website: instagram: @evolveimaging

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