January 2022

5 Professional Tips For Shooting in a Photography Studio | Jonny Edward


There is no growth or success without failure. We learn by failing. My motto is that each day I strive to fail forward. When you start using a new light source or modifier, when you’re first trying out a new technique, when you choose to use a quality of light that’s atypical for you, you are bound to fail. As an educator and mentor, a primary area of focus is on restructuring how we view, relate to and interact with the concept and reality of failure. Challenge yourself to fail every time you step behind your camera and into your studio. Learn to view that failure as an opportunity and to laud yourself for moving toward your goals and dreams. I never walk into the studio and nail the lighting or set design on my first frame. There are always modifications to be made and always improvements to be had. That’s the journey. Embrace it! Furthermore, commit to the act of creation. If you have access to your studio space, wherever and whatever it might be, commit daily to shooting at least a few frames and trying something new. The war of art is rooted in a disciplined approach; step by step, we move closer to our goals. Evolving as an artist is not a sprint but an endurance race. Each individual progresses at their own pace and on their own respective timeline, but we’re all striving to be better than we were yesterday. So long as you keep going, keep creating, and don’t stop, there’s no doubt whatsoever that you’ll get to where you want to be as a creative professional, I’m sure. So with that being said, go forth and create!

Jonny is an editorial/fashion photographer, art director and creative educator based out of Denver, Colorado. In all endeavors, he strives to empower expression and impel individuality. website: jonnyedward.com instagram: @jonnycreative

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