January 2022

5 Professional Tips For Shooting in a Photography Studio | Jonny Edward


Honestly, if I had a nickel for every time a photographer told me that studio work is boring or sterile, I’d have quite a few nickels! But, in fairness, studio imagery can definitely come across as dull and uninspired. We don’t have the grandeur of nature or chaos of the city to frame and create context, nor do we automatically have beautiful pockets of light or blustery winds that give flight to hair and fabric alike.

However, the studio affords us an unimposing, limitless canvas on which to paint our chosen scene.

I prefer the pared-down nature of studio work as it allows me to focus more effectively on the individual in front of my lens. In addition, all elements within the scene have a place and purpose, and at a moment’s notice, I can alter the narrative by modifying any of those variables. For backgrounds, play with canvas and colored paper, temporary cling-type wallpaper or draped fabrics. Consider how color impacts mood and evaluate what you’re trying to evoke in the scene you’re creating. The simple addition of a mid-century chair or painter’s dropcloth can radically transform a scene, as can a simple glass or house plant. Through the simple integration of texture, color and props, you can transform the potential sterility of studio work into something cinematic and powerful.

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