January 2022

5 Professional Tips For Shooting in a Photography Studio | Jonny Edward

As an accomplished studio-centric photographer and consummate educator on all things creative development, fellow creators often reach out to me regarding how to begin their journey in the studio or efficiently advance toward a more masterful understanding and application of studio techniques. That is, how to become not only comfortable but genuinely confident and easefully expressive. While the answers to these questions are somewhat variable depending on each individual, certain key elements form the foundation of flourishing in a studio environment, not the least of which are a healthy obsession, constant exploration, and an unwavering commitment to failing forward. As with any endeavor, especially in the artistic realm, it’s vitally important to understand that fear, apprehension and failure are essential parts of the process. Therefore, we need only reframe these elements as fuel for the creative fire rather than imposing obstacles. Together, we’re going to explore a few of my favorite tips for creating in a studio environment. So without further delay, let’s get started!

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