January 2022

Final Images


Here’s to staying out of Photoshop where we can avoid painstaking hours of making and finessing images. Save some time in Lightroom Classic and try these three steps to edit creative easier. Custom profiles are a great addition to a color-corrected file to show off some creative toning. Masking is where all the hard work should be spent and with the AI technology it’s as simple as one click. Finally, we can accurately sync masks without having to completely maneuver the pins to match image to image. Instead you can update the selection made byAI. Make editing easier and try this out today!

Dustin Lucas is a full-time photographer and educator focused on the wedding industry and the academic world. After achieving his Master of Fine Arts degree, a career opportunity opened once he began working with Evolve Edits. Through teaching photography classes and writing about photography, Dustin continues to expand his influence on art and business throughout the industry. website: evolveedits.com instagram: @evolveimaging

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