January 2022

3 Ways To Make Creative Editing Easier in Lightroom Classic | Dustin Lucas

In the description field, I recommend naming this Lookup Table (LUT) the same as the action to recall later. You will also only need to check the box next to CUBE. (fig. 9) Then you’ll need to save as the same name and choose where to store the LUT. After saving it you’ll need to open an image in Camera Raw, navigate to the preset panel, hold Option and click the Create Preset button. You need to name the custom profile, choose where to save it, uncheck Lookup Table and check the Color Lookup Table option. (fig. 10)

fig 9

fig 10

In the pop-up window, choose the .cube file you just saved and select Load. Then you can click OK to save the profile. Then once you relaunch Lightroom Classic, you can find it in the profile browser listed under the custom profile set. (fig. 11ab) You can repeat this process for multiple presets or actions to get everything converted to custom profiles. Once we have our color correction and custom profile applied, we’re ready for masking to handle the more advanced edits.

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