January 2022

Finding Epic Locations for Wedding Photographers | Deivis Archbold


As previously stated, a huge epic backdrop or landscape does not necessarily define an epic photo location. As a studio, we believe the best method for finding epic wedding photo locations is to: 1) Scout your area and keep a list of places that photograph well. 2) Get to know your clients so that you can select a location (or include items at a location) according to their personalities. When the client can create an emotional connection with the setting selected for the photo, the photo will carry more meaning for them. 3) If the location contains a variety of elements useful for creative photo composition, then to us it can be labeled as an epic location. As a photographic artist, being aware of the different elements available to you can be essential to the success of your composition. An epic photo location is led by the client and defined by the knowledge, talent and artistic eye behind the lens.

My name is Deivis Archbold and I am a wedding and portrait photographer based out of south Florida. After receiving a degree in computer science and working in that career for several years, I found out I was going to be a father. Feeling the need to document every moment of this new season in life, I purchased a camera and immediately discovered my true passion and the creative outlet I did not know I always longed for. With countless hours of learning, reading and practicing the art of photography, what started out as a hobby transformed into a full service studio, Deivis

Archbold Photography, ran by my wife and me for the last five years. website: deivisarchbold.com instagram: @deivisarchboldphoto

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