January 2022

Finding Epic Locations for Wedding Photographers | Deivis Archbold


It is just as crucial to set time aside to get to know your couple. Talk! Chit-chat! Joke around! It’s super important to converse with the bride and groom and get to know them on a more personal level. Getting to know them helps filter and select a location from our list of places. Many times chatting may even lead to selecting an entirely new location based on the couple’s specific interests. Location will be primarily driven by the client and their story. How do you get to know the couple? We simply just talk as we would talk to friends. Start a conversation and let it flow. What are their likes and dislikes, what’s their style, where did they meet, where did they have their first date, where do they hang out? Do they love traveling, are they into sports? What are their hobbies, where are they getting married, what are their wedding colors? Don’t get me wrong, we don’t hand them a questionnaire or sit them down for a formal interview—that’s weird… but you get the point! If they like to travel, perhaps you’d suggest a destination shoot at their favorite landmark. If they had their first date on the beach, perhaps a beach location would be appropriate and hold sentimental meaning. If they love nature and greenery, you then know to select a park setting. If their hobby is going out boating, perhaps the couple would like to have their shoot on their boat out in the open ocean. The possibilities are endless. It’s just a matter of getting to know the couple through casual friendly conversation. I once had a client that in conversation the groom shared his passion for classic cars and how much of his spare time would go to working on one of his own. Jokingly he said that he knew his soon-to-be wife was the one when she offered to join and help him work under the hood. This tidbit of information gave me the opportunity to personalize their location by including his 1965 Ford Mustang in their shoot. Long story short, the groom fell in love with the shot produced and has it hanging in his home today in a beautiful 30x40” acrylic. Including his vehicle in the photo added that much more meaning and sentimental value to the shot for him. As you see, a location is not epic simply because of the landscape, backdrop or architecture included, but a location may become epic to a person because of the sentimental connections they can make with the image and its contents. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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