January 2022

How To Sell More Wall Art as a Photographer | Craig Bill

Even though the world is awash of photographers and pretty pictures, remember: if you take some of these tips that you may never have heard of, ones that a vast majority of photographers do not do—like taking big chances, printing your own, offering alternative products, inspiring newsletters, blogs, sizzle reels and social media, digital renderings, building a great story of yourself and your brand, creatively protecting your value/pricing and being loud and proud—you could find some real traction. I did. There will always be space for actual artworks even in the ocean of single-serve, quick-digital-images all over the web-verse. In fact, I have said it for years: the physical printed artwork is your image’s ultimate creative destination. Not Instagram. Real money is being made, however. So make it your time to level up and keep discovering!

My name is Craig Bill and I am a landscape photographer residing in Austin, Texas. Photography, I feel in my life, has always seemed a relevant and appropriate tool for expression. Technological advances in this industry not only allow me to appreciate and utilize past techniques, but embrace the future of photographic science... one without limitations. website: craigbill.com instagram: @craigbillphoto

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