January 2022

How To Sell More Wall Art as a Photographer | Craig Bill


Starting out, as many do, I outsourced many prints and artworks to various print labs around the country. At one point, I finally bought my first large format printer. I figured that I would use this printer to facilitate faster print- proof-adjust times. I ended up falling in love with the process of being an artist. Having the control to micro-adjust my prints to a final approval made me all-powerful. These prints were usually much better in every aspect (color gamut, cost, resolution, longevity, etc.) than the print shops, and it sparked an explosion of creative control. I do still use various vendors for certain technologies, like acrylic prints. But overall, being able to print my own prints on substrates that I personally choose is divine. My time frames and costs became higher profits. With this power, I am able to produce artworks directly by myself, for higher profit, and market them as “artist printed himself” artworks. Some collectors really like these “gourmet” prints and often buy more. The connection with the artist is deeper and more genuine with these prints. I recommend printing all or some of your artwork personally. It can make a difference depending on your professional environment, even if you do just a few.

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