January 2022

How To Sell More Wall Art as a Photographer | Craig Bill


This may not apply to everyone, but I have used it thousands of times: a digital rendering. Especially if you do more and more online sales, consider using this quick freebie. Collectors often have little vision for what or how one of your artworks will look in their space. And if you are even moderately proficient in editing software—which is likely these days if you produce and develop your own work—render up a quick frame choice with the image that the collector is interested in. Even better, have them send you a few photos of their room or space. Easy peasy. Now, I do advise the customer that the “quick renders” are not exact, but they invariably love them! It has led to more sales than I can remember. Often, the buyers just say, “That’s it!” This little extra is just another reason for them to place your artworks on their walls.

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