January 2022

How To Sell More Wall Art as a Photographer | Craig Bill


Fine art is just that... fine, not casual! Discounts and sales claw down the value or brand of your work. But we all know how fickle people or economies can be, and no photographer is immune. Even though I have tried different strategies, one that works well for preserving your intrinsic value or protecting your brand is by using “comps” or complimentary items (also called a concession) to seal the sale. I used this earlier in my life as a personal trainer, in fact. I would keep my rates the same, but I would drop the charge for drawing up the program, which was extra. In the case of my fine artworks, if the price is a little steep for the customer, I would sometimes throw in my 2000-2020 catalog book, “The Art of Nature,” or include an additional loose rolled print that they can store, have framed externally or that I could frame in-house for even more extra revenue. The collector gets the original artwork at regular price and an extra image or a book, and I get the sale and we are both happy. Be creative and use any number of objects, situations, even services. By preserving your front price (even though you negotiated), it sounds better than a blue light special.

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