January 2022

How To Sell More Wall Art as a Photographer | Craig Bill


Everybody wants to be part of the action. And in your art, you are the hero of your story and mission. I know there is a story behind all that creativity of yours. Why hide it? Were you inspired? Were you suffering? Are you helping the change? Do you have a perspective stemming from your past? Career? Hardship? Profound experience? Anxiety? Tell us. Give it to the world. Collectors cherish a journey that they can be a part of, maybe even relate to. This can result in artwork sales and injects you into others’ conversations. It also keeps your fans in touch. Oh, here’s a great one: create videos of you in action (failures and wins) or reach out to someone to help you create a “sizzle reel” of you and your art. That would be perfect for your website and social media! You are not just a photographer... you’re an artist, a visionary, a journeyman. You don’t just make pictures, you produce profound artworks. Find your cape.

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