January 2022

How To Sell More Wall Art as a Photographer | Craig Bill


Just try it. It just might work. Think of something outlandish and reach out. Yeah, you’ll likely be rejected, but so what? What do I mean? Without going into detail here, I’m going to throw a few ideas to you right now (many of which have worked well for me): • Correspond with a local hotel or even large hotel chain about placing artworks in some rooms or lobby spaces. Even change them out... maybe for free. • Message a few or an avalanche of celebrities (local or go big). Maybe you will strike up a conversation. This one worked well for me a few times and it was fun. Maybe do a charity for one of their causes that aligns with your mission... for free, perhaps. • Contact a few galleries and ask about the qualifications to be represented. Maybe with a charity as well that they are promoting... for, yes, free. • How about putting together an art show at a location that you would think is impossible to do? I set up a show in a major hotel and made lots of contacts. A colleague asked and was allowed to install large artworks in the city’s airport for a certain time... for free? • Enter, enter and enter photography contests all over the world. Many are free, like the Smithsonian, the Nature Conservancy and uncountable others. These awards give you credibility and direction as to the artistic trends and levels of expertise you are up against, and often visibility for participating. Don’t stop... especially if they are free or cheap because you are likely to surprise yourself. When, not if, you do strike bronze or silver or gold, shout it out to the world! • Submit, submit and submit to magazines and other publications whether printed or digital. Many have an online portal for submissions. Sometimes your work might be picked up for reasons you might not be aware of. Again, this gives you credibility and direction as to the artistic trends, levels of expertise you are up against and often visibility for participating. Also consider short write-ups to go along with your submissions. Publications love extra content and that just might be the thing that they are looking for today. • Contact a few interior design pros. They are in need of fresh content as well and may become a link between you and buyers that you would not normally or easily find. I guarantee that all of the above will not all be successful. But, I also guarantee that something is likely to get a bite. Not everything should be free, but many opportunities have happened because the other party just could not say no. If you keep knocking, somebody is going to open that door.

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