January 2022


In today’s avalanche of content creators and more affordable photography equipment, you have to stick out from the crowd. Do not hesitate or be ashamed to be self-promotional and unique. Get an official web presence such as a website plus your own domain. Doing so establishes an air of professionalism. Consider image-heavy social platforms such as Instagram as well as new ones coming up. Perhaps set up an account with a few online sale platforms such as FineArtAmerica, Etsy, RedBubble, even eBay. Try to think of these efforts as advertisement sites for you, not just for selling your photographs or even complete artworks. On a few of them I just do gift cards—that gets my content in front of eyes, but they still have to go to my website or the gallery to buy complete artworks if there are any concerns about quality/brand control on actual artworks themselves. I often explain to people that customers regularly find my content on these sales channels and then go to my direct and enriched website, essentially making them advertising channels much more than only for sales. I also have colleagues that run a nice blog with relevant content that is easily picked up by online searches and browsing.

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