January 2022


Reflecting light can make for really interesting lighting patterns. For this shot, I used a mirrored prism to reflect light for a unique backdrop behind my subject. I created the mirrored prism by gaff taping three mirrors together into a triangle prism shape. I thought that if I shined a light into it, I could get some interesting patterns on the back wall behind my model. I started by setting that up on a table and placed an FJ80 round head speedlight inside of the triangle. I used a compact light with less power, not only because of the limited space, but its flat head design with a smaller beam angle provided crisper lines in the shapes on the background. I aimed the center of the prism at my model so the brightest part of the pattern would light up my subject and draw attention to her. I added a Westcott FJ400 wireless strobe with a deep focus reflector, just to add some additional light to my model’s face. I made sure to place the light far enough to the side that the shadow cast by this light would fall out of frame. Since I was already getting a shadow from the mirrored light hitting my subject, it was important to place my second light far enough off to the side so I only had one shadow. This makes it appear like just one light is lighting my subject and keeps the background clean. When placing a light far off to the side, I let my model know they need to favor that side when posing. That way the light is always flattering and is what I intended for the final image. Finally, I incorporated another FJ400 with a blue gel attached to add some color to the scene. This filled in all of the shadows with blue light and gave the background the blue color. I added a star filter to the front of my lens. This made the light shining into my lens a star shape, and added some sparkle to the dress and disco ball. Reflecting light doesn’t have to be just with mirrors. You can use other things, like reflective fabric, metal, or you can even bounce light off of water. Looking around at reflections that happen naturally can be a great inspiration for adding creative reflections to your images.

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