January 2022

Top 5 Favorite Photography Lenses | Vanessa Joy

RF 28-70MM F/2

This is a beast of a lens and no one makes anything like it except Canon. Sorry if you’re not a Canon lens user for this one. If you need a quick shoulder workout, just grab this monster and lift it a few times. So, why is such a heavy lens on my list of favorites? Who wants to lug around a heavy bag all day? Well, imagine how heavy your bag is when you put your 24, 35, and 50mm prime lenses in it. Suddenly, the 28-70mm doesn't seem all that heavy anymore. So, if you're the type of photographer to carry around several prime lenses in the range this one covers, it can make a great all-in-one solution that actually gives you less to lug around and lessens the need to change your lens and miss those fleeting moments. There are some limitations to this, of course. It doesn't go as low as most prime lenses, so if the shoot you'll be going on will require you to shoot low, you'll probably want to leave this at home and bring the others. At the very least, you'll need to throw a second lens in the bag to cover those shots. The ability to go down to F2 does give you some nice low-light performance, and the range of focal lengths provides great versatility.

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