January 2022

Top 5 Favorite Photography Lenses | Vanessa Joy

EF 135MM F/2

Moving back to prime lenses, we have this nice telephoto option. I like to call the 135mm my secret lens, because not many people talk about this lens. Although it's not as popular as some other options, I find it a fantastic lens for every photographer to have in their arsenal. In fact, I'd recommend the 135mm be the second lens you purchase, after the ultra-versatile 50mm. The price tag of under $1,000 makes the lens a steal. The alternative for a telephoto prime lens is the 200mm f/2, which is so bulky you'll either need a monopod or opt to use it less frequently than you'd like. The 135 is a nice middle ground. The ability to go down to F2 allows you to work well in low light. One of my favorite things to do with this lens is fake the golden hour look. That can be hard to pull off, as natural sunlight at that time is going to provide a nice hazy sort of look with a warm and dreamy effect. Lowering the f-stop on this lens really helps to pull the light in and replicate that look. Like the 50mm, the 135mm is also great for bringing in a lot of compression to bring objects in closer. When you go down to F2, you'll be able to get a nice blurry background that helps your subjects pop and draws your viewer to the focal point. I also love how quickly this lens focuses. During receptions and intimate moments, it's easy to capture the type of spontaneous action that people are going to want to remember.

As of now, Canon doesn’t make this in an RF version for mirrorless cameras, but I’ll be first in line when they do!

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