January 2022

70-200MM F/2.8 L IS

When you need more versatility than a prime lens provides, the RF 70-200mm is a great choice. Its sibling, the EF, is the type of lens you'd love to have with you at all times, but it's bulky and heavy and ends up being too cumbersome to pull out of the bag half the time. The RF fixes those problems, being more compact, lightweight and easy to grab and shoot with when needed. The improvements of the RF over the EF don't stop at size and weight. Being the newer lens, the RF has more advanced image stabilization than the EF does. It offers five steps of stabilization versus the EF's three, and has an extra stabilization mode available. This only adds to the versatility that this great lens provides and makes the RF the type of go-to lens photographers wish the EF was. If you already have an EF that you wish you made more use of and are thinking of upgrading to the RF to bridge that gap between functionality and ease of use, you'll be pleased to know that both use the same 77mm front. That means many of the filters and lens caps you use on your EF will work just fine on the RF. If you’re not a Canon shooter, I do believe almost every brand has a staple 70-200mm, fixed aperture lens that you’ll want to add to your arsenal.

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