January 2022

Building Trust With Boudoir Clients | Jen Rozenbaum

At the time I am writing this article, some of the lenses I use are F-Mount lenses and some are made specifically for the new Z mirrorless system. This means I always have my FTZ adaptor with me. I get asked often if the adaptor compromises the quality of the image. I can firmly say I have never had one issue with it and I use it with confidence. As a “Photogratherapist” my gear isn’t simply technology. It’s my toolbox for confidence and change. My camera and my lenses don’t just allow me to see and capture my clients. They also allow my clients to see themselves in a way they may not have ever seen themselves before. My camera is a tool of healing. It’s a therapist. A memory keeper. A storyteller. My gear is something I cherish not only because of the investment, but because it holds women’s tears, laughter and experiences. I am grateful for these tools that help me reach my goal of empowering the women I work with and making my little dent in the world.

Jen Rozenbaum embraces her femininity while allowing women to embrace their own. By daring her clients to shed their clothes, they begin to shed their inhibitions. Since 2008, Jen has found a burgeoning audience in the intimate photography market and is now sharing her shamelessly feminine® movement with women worldwide. She proves that you can own your world if you live fearlessly, think audaciously and act spontaneously. website: jenrozenbaum.com instagram: @jenrozenbaum

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