January 2022

My point is, whatever you decide to do, she has to look amazing… straight out of camera. You must be able to show her the back of your camera and have her feel like the smoking hot woman she is! Sometimes, that means a lens change. I know I said at minimum I start each session with the 58mm Nikkor lens and it’s true. In fact, that lens is on my camera more than any others. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a need for other lenses though. After I have built some trust and rapport with my clients, I will often switch to an 85mm Nikkor lens. Mmm, it’s absolute butta! (Excuse the NY accent please.) With the 85mm, you are getting less distortion, amazing bokeh and at the same time you are still in close enough proximity to your client to feel the intimacy. In addition to the 58mm and the 85mm, I LOVE my 105mm Nikkor Micro lens. First of all, it’s an incredible portrait lens and I do use it for that purpose. However, I especially love it when I want to pick up some details. This rings especially true in the work I do with my breast cancer clients. There is something so beautiful and nuanced about their skin and scars that only a micro lens can appreciate and capture. Every scar, every stitch, every ripple is meaningful to someone that has gone through breast cancer and I want to capture every detail for them. In addition to those lenses, I also have a 35mm Nikkor and 24-70mm Nikkor lens with me at all times. Part of being a good photographer is being a prepared one and although I use these lenses less, it’s always good to know I have them if I need them.

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