January 2022

Building Trust With Boudoir Clients | Jen Rozenbaum

Another key element of building trust with a client is to flatter her. What do I mean by flattering her? My definition of flattering a client is to make her look as good as she looks in real life, if not better. What does “if not better” mean? There’s no hard and fast rule for that, generally speaking. Thirteen years ago, when I started my business, women would pay me almost anything to make them look smaller and skinnier. Now, thanks to women like Kim K, JLo and Cardi B, women will pay me almost anything to make them look thicker and curvier. The truth is though, every woman is different in what they want to look like and/or accentuate on their body. That said, there are some rules across the board that work for all women. Typically speaking, women want to look properly proportioned. (There are exceptions to this rule which I will address in a minute.) Hourglass figures are desirable as are long legs, for example. When choosing a lens, it’s important to also take into account the angles you will be shooting at. For example, if you lay a woman on a bed and you are shooting with a lens such as the 24-70mm, 35mm or 50mm, you are going to want to be really careful about distortion. Remember, everything closer to the camera appears larger, and further away appears smaller. Therefore, if her head is closer to your camera than her feet, she might look like she has a huge head. One way to combat this is to make sure she is parallel to the lens when you are shooting her, so everything is equidistant to the lens and therefore more in proportion. Now, you can use distortion to your advantage. Let’s say you want to elongate her legs. Well, getting into a lower angle with a shorter lens is going to work great to give the illusion of her legs being longer than they really are.

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