January 2022

What did I have on my camera (the Nikon Z6) at the time? My trusty 58mm Nikkor lens. Why? Well, two reasons. First, I tend to shoot in smaller spaces (I am in New York after all), which doesn’t always lend itself to longer lenses. Secondly, distance to my client matters. Close your eyes and picture this: I am in my studio, speaking to my client about something so deeply personal and traumatizing. She’s sitting on the couch and I am listening from across the room with a 70- 200mm lens on my camera. I might get beautiful photos, but I would miss out on the intimacy that I am trying to cultivate. If I am across the room, how will I cry with her? Hug her? Put my hand on her shoulder? How will I reassure her she is safe with me and that my four walls will hold all of her secrets and traumas forever? If I am across the room, it’s impossible to make that connection. This is why I always, always, always at minimum start every session with my 58mm Nikkor lens. Now, this might lend itself to the question, “But Jen, what about distortion?” Well, that’s a great question and a perfect lead to my next point, so thank you for asking.

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