June 2021 // The Children Edition

I begin to prepare for the creative shots a few weeks in advance, gathering ideas and creating a moodboard that I share with my assistant and makeup artist, so that we are all on the same page and up to date when the day of the photoshoot comes. I also ask my clients during the pre-shooting consultation if they have ideas they want to share with me. If they find anything they like, they will send me photos for reference and I will start to create something from there. It’s not rare that I find myself needing to go shopping for props, flowers, clothes or other elements to bring to life a specific idea I have in mind, and this is why I recommend starting to prepare in advance. Finding the right kind of dress, the right type of flower, the right color of backdrops, etc. is not always easy and fast. Trying to find everything last minute will cause you a lot of stress and possibly a great deal of disappointment too.

You might not get the results you were hoping for, having to settle for what you were able to find last minute.

I’ve been doing motherhood sessions for about four years now and I’ve tried many creative setups to wow my clients, so today I want to help you find the inspiration you need to start. I am sharing a few tips to create your own beautiful motherhood portraits.

settings: f4.0 @ 1/125 iso 1250

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