June 2021 // The Children Edition

Creating Children’s Portraits with Impact | Kahran & Regis Bethencourt


One of the questions we receive most about photographing children is how we get the kids to hang in there with us through the shoot. One of the biggest tips we give is to let the kids have a say in the process. Don’t worry about getting the perfect shot. Sometimes the mishaps and imperfections turn out to be our favorite photos. We are often negotiating with kids so that they feel like their voice is being heard. If they have a particular pose or idea they’d like to do, we ask them to let us get a few of our ideas in first, then they can do anything they want (within reason). Even if you don’t end up using those photos, it makes it much easier to keep them engaged in the session. We also recommend letting kids see themselves on camera during the process. One of our favorite things about our photo shoots is when kids see themselves on camera for the first time and they see a version of themselves they never thought was possible. It often gets them excited and sparks new ideas for them throughout the session.

settings: f9.0 @ 1/160 iso 100

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