June 2021 // The Children Edition


We love using our portraits to make a statement. In each image, we see an opportunity for the viewer to experience the world through the eyes of the subject we’re photographing. When we are lighting our subject, our style is to make each child seem powerful, confident and strong. We often play around with shadows and colored gels in our lighting to create a more impactful image.

settings: f9.0 @ 1/160 iso 100

settings: f9.0 @ 1/160 iso 100

Lighting for impact doesn’t necessarily mean you need to have the most expensive gear or several lights. Many of our most popular images were created with a simple one-light setup with a reflector. We use the main light on a softbox or octabox slightly above our model with the reflector below our subject for fill. If you have an additional light, we often use our Profoto B10+ light directly behind our subject, pointed at the backdrop with color gel. This allows us to change the background color without having to change out backdrops each time. In terms of equipment, we use a Canon EOS R5 and almost always start with our Canon RF 28-70mm f/2 because it gives us the ability to capture a variety of angles without having to switch out our lens too much. When we want to get a few closer portraits we’re typically using our Canon EF 85mm 1.8 and our Canon Control Ring Adapter Mount. It’s important for us to keep our equipment simple because we know that we often only have a short period of time with our subjects before they get too tired. When it comes to shooting, we always try to plan as much as possible to make the shoot run smoothly, but we leave lots of room for experimentation and just figuring some things out on set. For us, that’s typically where the “magic” happens and usually the shots we like the most.

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