June 2021 // The Children Edition

5 Expert Tips for Child Photography | Anne Geddes


You need to be telling your own story, which is unique to you. Don’t fall into the easy trap of photographing to a formula. Ask yourself why you’ve chosen to photograph babies and young children. For me, it wasn’t a conscious decision to specifically photograph babies, but I knew I wanted to tell my story of the miracle of new life. You’re on an artistic journey of your own, and your work needs to come from a place of your own personal storytelling. Every shoot needs to be a progression for you. That’s why you’ve chosen to be an artist. Of course, the age-old debate as to what constitutes art is always simmering beneath the surface among photographers. For me, a photograph is art if it does something more than record or decorate: if it causes the viewer to be awakened to an idea or visual experience they might not otherwise have had, allowing them to see and consider their own world afresh.

*pre-covid behind-the-scenes

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