June 2021 // The Children Edition

Down & Dirty Creative Editing in Lightroom Classic & Photoshop | Dustin Lucas

Once I save the preset I can quickly apply it to multiple images at a time. Once the export and droplet are done, the last step is to re-import the TIFF files back into Lightroom. Boom—now we are done! (before/after)


settings: f2.8 @ 1/250 iso 200



Now that I’ve set up a solid workflow, I can keep up year-round on delivering sneak peeks or down and dirty edits to my clients. By using both Lightroom and Photoshop I can batch multiple images at once to save a ton of time. In Lightroom, it’s all about profiles and local adjustments to get started. After I create presets and sync develop settings, editing couldn’t be easier. With Photoshop, everything always starts out with long step-by-step processes. Once I create actions and droplets I can turn images so much faster. By using Lightroom for custom profiles and Photoshop for my dodge and burn technique, I am set. If you want to offer quick creatives for your client, I highly recommend working efficiently and trying out these techniques. You got this!

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Dustin Lucas is a full-time photographer and educator focused on the wedding industry and the academic world. After achieving his Master of Fine Arts degree, a career opportunity opened once he began working with Evolve Edits. Through teaching photography classes and writing about photography, Dustin continues to expand his influence on art and business throughout the industry. website: evolveedits.com instagram: @evolveimaging

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