June 2021 // The Children Edition

Down & Dirty Creative Editing in Lightroom Classic & Photoshop | Dustin Lucas

These areas can be quickly cleaned up with the brush tool, but our goal isn’t to perfect these edits—I want them to be good enough to show on the web. Once they are cleaned up I’ll dial in masking, of course. (Fig. 22ab)

fig 22b

fig 22a


If you want to use custom profiles in Lightroom and run my dodge and burn action in Photoshop, you can. First we need to make a droplet in Photoshop by going to File>Automate>Create Droplet. (Fig. 23) We can choose where to save the droplet, name it the same as the action, select the action and choose Save and Close. I recommend making your action have Save and Close included. Then you won’t have to save new files every time. We also need to select the option Override Action “Save As” Command. (Fig. 24)

fig 23

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