June 2021 // The Children Edition

Down & Dirty Creative Editing in Lightroom Classic & Photoshop | Dustin Lucas

Once I select Curves, I can pull the curve downward to darken the background since the subject is masked out. (Fig. 17) Once I fine-tune the settings to make it a universal setting, I can start with the dodge aspect of the edit. By right-clicking on the Curves layer mask, clicking Add Mask to Selection and inversing the selection, I am ready to make the next layer. (Fig. 18) I choose Curves again and drag the curve upward to brighten the subjects. Once I am fine-tuned I then add additional layers for skin smoothing, white recovery and other basic corrective adjustments. Once I am done I can save the action and use it on other images. (Fig. 19)

fig 17

fig 18

fig 19

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