June 2021 // The Children Edition

Down & Dirty Creative Editing in Lightroom Classic & Photoshop | Dustin Lucas


Where Lightroom really outperforms other programs is the ability to make presets for bulk applying, or in this case we can sync settings. Once we sync settings we can easily tweak our local adjustment pins to match up to the subject. (Fig. 13ab) This makes creative editing insanely faster than Photoshop. With Lightroom there is no need to start from scratch per image and this is exactly what I need in busy season to have continuity in my creative edits. If I want to take my edits to the next level, I can edit in Photoshop quickly.

fig 13


For my Lightroom workflow, I like to use the Edit In option to bring images into Photoshop so after I am done editing they are saved alongside the raw files. When working in Photoshop, I like to save actions for repeated tasks such as dodge and burn layers. Before I start editing I will record an action to save for future use. (Fig. 14) Once the action is recorded, I can quickly select the subjects by going to Select in the top menu bar and choosing Subject. (Fig. 15) In order to make a burn layer for the background, we have to inverse the selection by holding shift, command, and striking the i key. (Fig. 16) Then we are ready to burn down the background with a Curves adjustment layer.

fig 14

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