June 2021 // The Children Edition

Are Print Competitions Worth It? | Melody Smith

I have also heard many times in my 20-year career that print competitions do not earn you clients or money. I say, horse shit. Let me tell you what this has done for not only my confidence with my visions for clients, but what my clients SEE! They walk into my studio and my trophies are placed in a dark corner by the restroom. They likely never see them. But what they do see are the 100-plus prints in a trunk displayed right by my makeup station. They ask questions such as, “Who is that?! That is amazing! What is that ribbon? What does it all mean?!” At that point I am afforded the pleasure of telling them my personal journey towards connection and expression. It will let you imagine how every single client’s mind wonders, dreams, and most of all how that inspires them to not only trust me, but how to take a chance and let go for the sake of an eternal portrait.

Melody Smith is an international award-winning double master photographer, makeup artist, and stylist specializing in fine art and contemporary portraits for individuals 10 and up. Her full-service portrait studio is located in Petersburg, Virginia. website: melodysmithportrait.com instagram: @melodysmith_portrait

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