June 2021 // The Children Edition

Many will ask regarding competition, “What is the point? An award? Self-validation?” Oh man. It is so far from what is gained. Print competition is not a contest. It is more of an evaluation of a set of skills judged by experienced peers. These skills are imperative to improving not only technical abilities, but also your ability to become a great storyteller. I have sat through hundreds of hours of judging watching thousands of prints from all genres be measured against the elements of design, creativity and storytelling. I prefer to enter print competitions and not digital. The process does not end with a digitized version that will be forgotten in a year. I strive to create heirlooms of art for my clients to display in their homes. Becoming a master print maker is something I feel every skilled photographer should strive toward. Not only do print competitions provide insight into your technical and creative, but they also speak to your final finished product.

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