June 2021 // The Children Edition

Are Print Competitions Worth It? | Melody Smith

While it may seem like I am tooting my own horn here with those statements, I find myself reading people’s comments who do not understand why they DIDN’T win. My question for them is, “What did you do right?” Then keep doing that. Make it better. Perfect it with technique. To achieve any award in our industry that is so self-isolated in many ways drives a maker to strive harder towards—that term again—refinement. It also makes you become more of a storyteller, for yourself and your clients. But really what makes it worth it are not the awards and accolades, it is the process of learning what inspires you. This deep-down connection we have with image making, what makes us look, feel, and connect to a portrait or any image. Because what we do is make people feel something. We long for that. No matter if you are shoot and burn or spend months designing. The end result is making someone, the client or your audience, FEEL something deep in their soul, to connect to an idea, another world, or a moment.

settings: f11 @ 1/125 iso 200

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