June 2021 // The Children Edition


The pose isn't the only thing that will help your male subjects present in a more masculine fashion. The way you take the shot can have an impact as well. Let's look at what your camera work can do to improve the outcome of your photos.


I've already talked about how a strong chest presents a masculine image. If you reduce the focal length of your lens, it'll bring more of their chest into the photograph and aid in that process. Similarly, you can get more chest and upper body in the shot if you shoot from a lower angle. In addition to a more chest-dominant shot, lower angles will make the subject appear taller and more commanding.


Once you've got the initial pose down, don't feel as though you have to stay still and take the shot from the exact angle you posed them from. With the subject still, move around them and take some shots. This can lead to some interesting angles and help you develop an eye for which angles work best with which poses.

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