June 2021 // The Children Edition

How to Get the Best Poses Out of Men | Vanessa Joy


Now that we've gotten some general positioning out of the way, I'd like to talk more about how to bring out that masculinity and create more interesting photographs.

settings: f3.2 @ 1/160 iso 250

settings: f3.2 @ 1/160 iso 250

Bad: bad angle, missing leg

Good: correct head tilt towards lower shoulder


Here, I'm specifically referring to the angles of the man's body. Some angles are very dainty and feminine, while others are better at presenting a masculine image. The first angle to pay attention to is the tilt of the head. When shooting a photograph, perspective is going to put the farther-away shoulder a little lower in the shot. For men, the head should be tilted towards the lower shoulder. Tilting towards the upper shoulder would create a more feminine look. For the arms, 90-degree angles will provide a strong, masculine body language. This could mean arms crossed in front of the chest, resting on the knee at an angle, or whatever else feels right at the moment. Just remember, the more acute the angle is—that is to say, the closer the forearm gets to touching the bicep—the more you'll be moving away from masculine territory and into a playful, feminine vibe.

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