June 2021 // The Children Edition

product spotlight

Why the Profoto B10/B10 Plus?

Let there be light! It’s everywhere and its no where. Light and the absence of it are what shapes an images from the highlights to the shadows. We, as photographers, need it to create. It comes in different prices, different sizes, different power options. “Cheap" rarely works with anything in life and it surely doesn’t work with professional lighting. Im not debating that there are give-gets with every decision we make. It is truly no different than the decisions we make with our camera and lenses or the computers we buy. There are always trade-offs.

So, when it comes to light, what are you willing to give up?

Here is why I love the Profoto B10/B10 plus // Color, power, consistency, and proven results. If consistency is important to you, you are going to want to check out the B10 or the B10 plus.

-Power // 500 Ws -Recycle Time // 0.05-2.5 seconds (do you understand how fast this is on a battery?) -Capacity // 200 full power flashes (this is insane stamina) -Continuous Light // 2500 lumens (yes it offers continuous light as well) -Weight // 4.2lbs (perfect for any wedding or portrait session)

Portable. Powerful. Consistent Color.

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