June 2021 // The Children Edition

A Beginner’s Guide to Underwater Portrait Photography | Brett Stanley

settings: f9.0 @ 1/160 iso 200


• If you feel unstable or too buoyant in the water, wear a quick-release weight belt. • Have your model practice breathing out their air and sinking. It will help them look more natural under the water. • Using a faster shutter speed will help the motion blur and a smaller aperture will help keep things in focus when everything is moving. I like to use AI Focus to keep things tack-sharp. • Fabric can look amazing in the water, especially organza and silk. • If eyes are starting to hurt, keep some moisturizing eye drops and water to rinse with by the edge.

Have fun! There are so many ways to create amazing images underwater.

Brett Stanley is an award-winning underwater portrait photographer based in Los Angeles, California. He’s also the presenter of The Underwater Podcast, editor of Waterproof Magazine , and

an educator/mentor for underwater photographers. website: brettstanley.com instagram: @brettsphoto

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