June 2021 // The Children Edition

When I finally accepted that I would have to change my pricing structure and what I offer my clients to keep pace with changing dynamics, it took some inventive thinking. No longer would I be able to front-load introductory packages with tons of options and a high price tag. I had to trim down offerings in my base collections and cut services to account for the more competitive pricing. To counteract this I simply created pre- and post-wedding up-sells that are presented to the newly booked client at strategic times. For example, a base package that once included 12 hours of coverage, an 8-minute creative film, full edits of the ceremony and reception, a teaser trailer, 4K delivery, drone footage and raw footage now only included 10 hours of coverage, a 5-minute film and drone footage with the longer film option. 4K and raw footage would now be offered as add-ons both before and after the wedding. Once the client locked me in for the base collection, I then had multiple opportunities to sell them the additional items without losing them to a competitor who gave away the farm for a cheaper price. At timed intervals both before and after the wedding I offer discounted combination packages plus a-la-carte add-on items to raise the overall client investment to what they would’ve spent on a similar package before. It works pretty darn good with each of the clients who booked at a lower price up front, adding on an average of $1,600 in add-on items when it was all said and done. This method does require creatively timed use of automated emails using my client management system. I use 17hats to set up email drip campaigns that present these options to the client periodically from the time they book all the way through to after the wedding where we do a separate Zoom meeting to discuss their final chance to extend the length of their creative film and add on other items at a discount. It really works well. We also have a Zoom meeting prior to the wedding to go over the itinerary of the day, but this also presents me with a chance to give them upgrade options while anticipation for the wedding is still high. After the wedding, when I show them a little teaser video of the wedding day I’m able to convert up-sells with an 80% success rate! It’s keeping my bottom-line consistent with where it was before I saw a drop off in lead conversions because of market saturation. Still, the problem remains that too many new wedding photographers and videographers know too little about business to charge what their product is intrinsically worth. Once they realize their profits aren’t enough to cover the cost of doing regular, solid business they will likely find themselves looking to the strategy I’ve prescribed here as a remedy.

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Rob Adams is a veteran wedding filmmaker and educator. During his 22 years filming weddings he has helped to define modern wedding storytelling with his blending of visuals and spoken dialogue. He has been a frequent contributor to Shutter Magazine and has spoken at various photo and video conferences around the globe.

website: robadamsfilms.com instagram: @robadamsfilms

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