June 2021 // The Children Edition

Inspiration not Imitation | Creating Your Own Art Work | Karen Bagley

settings: f5.0 @ 1/100 iso 320

We also get so busy sometimes the sessions start getting repetitive. Everything just blurs together and seems the same all the time, which is why it is so important to shoot just for yourself and your mind—at least twice a year. UNLEASH THE CREATIVE BEAST! It’s there! Your mind is a beautiful, magnificent, strong tool. And I know every single one of us has the ability to make our OWN artwork. So, take that deep breath. Take a deep look inward and let your mind start an entirely new view on whatever field you photograph. You are unique, your art is unique. Let your clients see that part of you.

It’s time to get and be inspired, but make it your own!

Karen Bagley is an energetic Fine Art Maternity, Motherhood, and Underwater Portrait Photographer and international speaker based in Atlanta, Georgia. Known for her dramatic and powerful maternity portraits, she is one of the most sought-after maternity photographers in the world. Karen opened Significant Moments Photography seven years ago and has since grown to a thriving six-figure business with her maternity clientele alone. She is on a mission to change what people think of when they hear maternity portraiture, one client and photographer at a time. website: significantmomentsphotography.com instagram: @significant_moments

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