June 2021 // The Children Edition

settings: f22 @ 1/200 iso 1600

The truth is this: I’ve heard my entire career that maternity and underwater portraiture is a fad and will die any moment. Might I add, even in a pandemic, we doubled business again…Hitting an entirely new tax bracket. Why? Because I think outside the box. I don’t want to be an imitator. I genuinely don’t think any of us do. I know what you’re thinking… “Karen, it’s impossible to change things all the time. It just is.” And I would say back to you, “That thinking is what will slowly drag you down and smother your business.” There was once a time people didn’t even think maternity portraiture could ever be a money-making field. There was a time putting someone in water to take their picture was unheard of. There was a time that double exposure images had not been thought of. There was a time going to outer space was the most unrealistic thought ever, or an electric car…You see where I’m headed with this. There is plenty that has been undiscovered, but we are so blinded paying more attention to others because they quote “make money” so we need to do what they do. That thinking is sinking us.

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